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I come across a lot of sweet things online… and thought-provoking things. I find things that make me think, things that make me mad, things that make me laugh… and things that make me cry.

Things that inspire… things that move me to pray… things that move me to thankfulness and things that move me to pin it on Pinterest… And I want to share some of that with YOU!

(SEE! It’s not ALL about me!)

(P.S. My birthday is in 3 days. Thursday – for those of you who struggle with counting…)

I digress.

Like Meg… Love. Hur. I could pin all of her creative charm, like these pumpkins. Oh these PUMPKINS!!!

Meg's pumpkins

This pic is Meg’s – her pumpkins, her picture. You must to go say Hi… She is impossible not to enjoy…

Another pin-able treat is this blog I just discovered: A Beautiful Mess

For mothering inspiration… for a note on giving oneself grace and a reminder we (moms) also can ask for help there is this post (made me cry) by Mommy Snark. Have you ever said, “I told you so!”? This moved my mama’s heart…

Our tooth fairy has had her fair share of drama in our home. But we’ve not (yet) had to deal with a lost tooth that had a cavity… so cute.

I love when real-life friends and acquaintances start blogging. However *sad face*… in this case I wish the reason Heather (my dear friend’s very dear friend) started a blog was not because of a stage 4 metastatic melanoma diagnosis. She is in a pretty intense treatment process right now. When you have a moment, do pop by and send her a ray of sunshine and sparkles as she pushes through some pretty awful treatment effects… www.heatherdevlin.blogspot.com

And kindness… I didn’t note where I originally found this, but The Kind Campaign… awesome.

Have a great Monday, friends! May you find inspiration, motivation, a reason to smile and appreciate your blessings today. I’ll be working on that too *wink*.


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