I need to finish taxes… so how about a pogo stick?

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It’s April 2nd and I need to finish-up my tax stuff. So instead of a long drawn-out post, I give you a child (mine) on a pogo stick.

Honestly, I’d rather be doing anything besides tallying up receipts in an office with paper stacks taller than a step stool.

I’d totes wear rubber boots without socks and jump on a pogo stick for an hour to get out of paperwork.

kid on pogo stick via @jennyonthespot

I need more pogo sticks and…. oh… ROLLER DERBY in my life. I’ve been doing Google Hangouts every (mostly) Tuesday night (7-8 PST) for the last month(ish) for Parenting Lounge. One of the gals in our crew is Jaime Harrington of Totally the Bomb and she does roller derby. We had a hangout one night and talked about what we do for fun, and I was all, “Uhhh… I go dancing sometimes…” And she was all “ROLLER DERBY!” And then I was all, “I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!”


I think I need to add something to my life menu… roller derby and riding a 5 foot unicycle.

It’s like my inner clown is coming to life.

BUT… for today… I am tallying receipts and crunching numbers to give to the professionals.

No pogo sticks. No roller skates. No 5 foot unicycles.

Kids. They totally have no idea how good they have it.


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