I *heart* my family.

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I have been in Colorado for the last 5 days.

My dad had triple bypass last Sunday.

I love my family…

I *heart* my dad

I booked a flight and made it out by Monday afternoon.

Wednesday was Lucy’s birthday. It was really hard to be away. REALLY hard. But thanks to technology (Google Hangout, to be exact) I got to watch Lucy open her presents, and even my dad got to wish her a *face-to-face* happy birthday from his hospital room!

Google Hangout with the kids

Sometimes it can really boring… spending hours at the hospital…

My bro and me

But luckily I have my brother for entertainment.

We’re never sure who is actually doing the entertaining.

And I have my sister too…


My sister and I never get time together. Not just her and me… especially not in a hospital bed.

Which is a good thing. I was telling her when we were little girls I would kick her and punch her in her back with all my might when we’d have to share a bed at Grandma’s house because she was a WILD sleeper. I could never get her to move. I really truly tried to break her back.

I was a rotten big sister.

And I’m glad I sucked at breaking backs.

Over the last week, my sister and I have discovered that we make a pretty good team.

And so do we:

The family

All of we… I think the walks were my favorite. We’d all go walk around the floor with my dad.

All of us

It was quite the sight. Our own little gang… walking round and round and round the cardiac care ICU.

It breaks my heart I live so far from those four.

I have no smooth ending to this post.

It breaks my heart my little family and I live so far from… my family.

Dad is doing really, really well. He’s a dynamo.

He was doing arm lifts just hours after surgery.

Exercise is important, you know? Even if it’s only a handful of hours after doctors crack your chest open and do a triple bypass.

Despite his resolve… there is a lot of healing ahead for my dad. And lots of work for my mom. They are both so strong. I have an amazing mom and dad. They have always been amazing…


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