I gotta make this quick! Mom and Dad are here!!!

I gotta make this quick!

My mom and dad are in town and we’re busy! From visiting the Seattle Gum Wall, to a Mariners game, to a fun, quacker-filled adventure on Ride the Ducks…


It got a little windy on the Duck, but as you can tell my daughter and husband had didn’t mind. Or did they…

My dad and my son… two of my three most favorite guys! Look at how cooperative they are being for me and my camera!

 And here I am with my mom and Lucy… THREE GENERATIONS Y’ALL!

 Alrighty. I’m off to torture the family with more family selfies and maybe photo-bomb my son again while he pretends to be busy on Instagram…

Do you ever play tourist in/around/near your hometown? DO YOU?! Where abouts do you live and what is the one thing you take people to do when they visit your neck of the woods?


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4 Responses to “I gotta make this quick! Mom and Dad are here!!!”

  1. Jo says:

    Your Mom is beautiful…now I know where you and your girls get it from!! Love the 3 gen pic!! <3 That is totes the kind of thing I LOVE to do!!! Glad you had some quality FUN time with them…we used to go to the local Free Fair every year with our family, we never do that anymore…?!? Ima have to find out why we don't… O_o

  2. Olivia says:

    I live in Sumter, SC. We have a garden called Swan Lake Iris Gardens. Every May we have an iris festival in the park and there are millions of irises in bloom. It’s gorgeous. The swan part? We have a pair of each of the 9 species of swans living on the lake. Super cool. It’s free to walk through the park, and there’s lots to see.

  3. Olivia says:

    Oh, and every year Sumter hosts the World Double-Dutch Jump Rope competition. Seriously. I can’t make this up.

  4. Amy says:

    I LOVE the Ride the Ducks. We did that in Branson last summer and my kiddos got to drive the boat out in the water! Fabulous!

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