I got a jump-start on my Spring Cleaning thanks to Rug Doctor!

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Spring is just around the corner, and I get Spring Fever reeeeeeal bad. Fortunately I have had the fabulous opportunity to connect with the people of Rug Doctor and they have helped me get a jump on my own spring cleaning.

before and after
Awesome results, right? Those stains had been there over 3 years and POOF!

The Spot and Stain Remover directions said to blot with a wet white towel… and that’s the ick the cleaner helped me pull up.

Now, all the bedroom carpets are ready to take on spring! I took on the spot cleaning, then ran errands… While I was gone, my husband ran our Rug Doctor… within a matter of a couple hours our carpets feel like new!

Rug Doctor clean!
Of course our Rug Doctor machine is amazing. But the Rug Doctor cleaning products are eqally amazing. Using good cleaning product is key to maximizing one’s cleaning effort.

We’ve lived in our home almost 6 years and we’ve never cleaned our carpets. One stain here, one stain there, and it’s a hot mess. I hit the stain-iest spots with Rug Doctor Spot and Stain remover, and it worked like MAGIC. It took 10 minutes and I was all, “WHY HAVE I PUT UP WITH THESE STAINS SO LONG?!”

A couple months back we used the Rug Doctor upholstery tool and their upholstery cleaner on our couch after a young child had a bit of a potty accident on it. I can’t find the pictures I took because I am fancy like that. But I do have a picture of me testing out the new Rug Doctor at the factory in St. Louis back in September!

Rug Doctor
Nothing feels quite as good as getting things done, and Rug Doctor makes it awful convenient to get rolling and get on with your spring cleaning! You can purchase your own powerful Rug Doctor or rent one at countless convenient locations! Thanks to Rug Doctor I have my very own to have and to hold, and MAN… talk about HANDY… and CLEAN!!!

If you are ready to get your spring cleaning on… I can help you! Rug Doctor is giving away their Professional Cleaning Package: Oxy-Steam

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