I AM the internet.

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I work from “home”.

“Home” being used loosely: a coffee shop, my car, the kids’ theater rehearsal building, in parking lots, on the ferry… waiting in the pick-up loop at school…

My laptop goes with me almost everywhere. One never knows when there will be a chance to wrap-up a post, delete an email or two, edit some video, touch-up a photo in Picnik… among other tasks…

Connectivity is king.

The blood in my veins.

Basically, my laptop without access to the interwebz is akin to:

  • a convertible with a top that won’t go down
  • coffee without caffeine.
  • sand in one’s swimsuit
  • an empty can of glitter spray…


One day… My laptop and I were at the park.

Yes. THE PARK. Some people take their dog, I take my laptop. Maybe I should name her…. Lappy.

I digress.

It was a totally appropriate time to be in the onlinez at the park.

At one point, someone asked a question for which an answer was needed and I piped in, “LET’S GOOGLE IT!”

And I did and there was much rejoicing in the land.

I was in the company of a few adults and a number of teens.

I was told later about what some of the teens were saying behind my back,

Teen 1: How is Jenny on the internet?

Teen 2: Jenny IS the internet.

I think that may be my tagline, “I AM the internet.”

I AM the internet.I AM the internet.

That totally wins.

[Photo credit: the ever-wonderful Maya Bisineer]


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