Am I Raising Future Used Car Salespersons?

by | May 1, 2010 | Parenting/Family | 5 comments

Let’s face it. Times are tight.

Everybody is getting creative… Even the children.

Am I Raising Future Used Car Salespersons?

My kids are scheming. Craigslist, eBay, lemonade and cookie stands…

And I am listening… to their perspective on value. As I listen I ask myself, “Where did I go wrong?”

My son just sold his sister 22 little Tootsie Rolls for $3.

And I don’t know what to do… let my daughter “pay” for not really thinking about the value of her dollar? DO I just let my son sell items unfairly priced?

It’s probably all part of growing up – learning how to appreciate the value of a dollar… learning how to be honorable in bartering… learning not to cheat your family.

And here I sit. I think back on their schemes and plans. They face the same issue we all eventually have to face – making money. Whether it’s bubble gum or a house payment…

And it seems my kids are diving head-on into a valuable learning experience — there is no way to get rich (or get iPod Touch) quick. To earn means to work, and if one is getting rich quick, it probably means one is a cheater.

At times like this I wish I was changing diapers instead of teaching morals.


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