Mom 2.0 and My Roomies

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Allow me to introduce you to my roomies at the Mom 2.0 Summit.

Mom 2.0 and My Roomies

I think if you know who I am keeping company with… sleeping with, fighting over shower privileges and power outlets with… and — word on the street is… jumping into pools with our pretty clothes on… then you will find comfort. I don’t want you to worry about me. I love you too much to let you worry.

Here follows the list of ladies who will have to deal with my glitter… and I thank them in advance for their gracious-tude. And I apologize if by Sunday morning, my suitcase explodes like it did at BlogHer in Chicago last summer:

BlogHer '09 - The Mornings After


Never fear, roomies.

I am a changed woman. Well, I change my clothes a lot.


Finally, I proudly introduce to you my Mom 2.0 Summit suite-mates! None of which I have ever met IRL. Yes, I am gonna be shackin’ up with hot chicks I met online. Kip is green with envy. Lafawda ain’t got nothin’ on THESE ladies!

  • Jyl of Mom It Forward! Yes! THE Jyl!!! Without Jyl, I might be sleeping in a broken elevator at the Four Seasons…
  • Rachael of Today’s Mama! Yes! THE Rachael!!! Without her, I may not have won a delightful sleighful of prizes!
  • Kids Activities Blog! Yes! THE Holly!!! Oh Holly! I am tho exthited!
  • Laurie of Tip Junkie! Yes! THE Laurie!!! This woman is all that I am. Not. Oh the things I am going to learn! I need to be near the creative power of women like Laurie!
  • And last but not least Amy of Mom Spark! Yes! THE Amy!!! My fellow Converse junkie. There are not words. Oh Amy. You just have this, this… what’s the word… SPARK!

Clearly, I am the undeserving freshman. 


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