How To Make a Birthday Card Organizer and Card Box!

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A birthday card organizer and boxes made from greeting cards? Oh do I have a couple of fun things for you!

I repeat, a birthday card organizer and boxes made from greeting cards!

Raise your hand if you have a hard time organizing your birthday cards. Worse yet, raise your hand if you are a terrible birthday card sender! Stress and be-late no more!

**I want to give a big THANK YOU to Hallmark at Walmart for sponsoring today’s birthday card organizer post and making it possible for me to share a couple of fun ideas!**

Any friend of mine will say, I stink at sending cards. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I am unorganized. Hallmark put me on a mission though, and I think I found the Golden Ticket to birthday card sending success!


Make your own Birthday Card Organizer via @jennyonthespot
This little fella is easy. You need:

  • A photo box (plain or decorated) (I got a plain one and decorated it with washi tape)
  • Or a plastic box! Walmart is bursting at the seam with all kinds of boxes!
  • Card stock. I cut mine from 8.5 x 11 to 6 x 11.
  • Glue stick or double sided tape

I made tab dividers with colored card stock. I made 12 dividers. One for each month of the year. I added a little 31 day number chart to write birthday names on and glue the chart to the divider. And then I loaded up my organizer with cards. I spent some time browsing and LOLing in the Hallmark section of Walmart and made sure my most special people each have a card tucked away. It feels SO good!

Bada boom, bada bung… BIRTHDAY CARD ORGANIZER. When you find the perfect card… get it right away… bring it home and file it away in the month for the birthday-person you bought it for. A few days before the beginning of the next month… pull out your box. Sign your cards, address them, and mail them off. DONE.

If you are anything like me, maybe you have collected a lot of “perfect” cards over the years that never made it to the one you intended. As you get organized you may end up with a few cards you don’t know what to do with.



How to make card boxes and a birthday card organizer via @jennyonthespot

For the boxes you need…

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Now, you can read on and get my tutorial that way, or you can watch my video!

Cards (obvi), scissors, a ruler, glue, a pencil, some paperclips, an X-Acto knife of some sort… You can get a world’s worth of Hallmark cards at Walmart, and everything else for this craft there too. In fact, I have a little glue stick stock-pile because when I scoot through the aisles of my local Walmart I’ll grab a pack or two. I should probably grab a few rulers while I’m at it. WHERE DO THEY GO?

I digress…

Cut your card in half at the fold.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Measure in according to how big or small you want your box. I measured 1 inch.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Measure in one inch (or your decided measurement) on all 4 sides.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Your corners should have be marked as squares (see below). Once your lines are marked, take your X-Acto knife and score along the lines.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Then snip one section – you will make 4 cuts. I chose to cut along the long sides.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Fold where scored.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

See how it looked after it is folded and cut?

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Apply your adhesive on inner tabs…

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Bring together with side and paper clip to allow adhesive to bond.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

Repeat the process with the other card half. In this case, I made the top of the box first. Remember, I measured in 1 inch. With the bottom, I measured in 1 and 1/16. I recommend adding an extra 16th so one box slips easily onto the other.

How to make card boxes by @jennyonthespot

And there you have it. Storage or creative packaging or whatever tickles your fancy… right?! Use old cards, OR scan the Hallmark section at Walmart and look for the perfect card that you could use to make the perfect box!

Now you can get creative AND organized AND give cool card boxes in one fell swoop!

You’re welcome!

If you decide to take on the birthday card organizer or card boxes, I’d love to see your creations! Post pictures of your birthday card organizers and card boxes on my Facebook page here!


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