How To Be An Internet Movie Phenom… WithOUT Taking Your Clothes Off

by | Oct 31, 2010 | Video | 10 comments

I’m not saying that I’m an internet movie phenom.


[photo credit: Maya of Memtales]

Have you seen my practically VIRAL Swine Flu Mask video?

How about my own dance video?

Or how about my in-depth look at sandwich crusts?

Tell me those are not of the internet movie phenomeniscuoiusness.

I’m kidding.

My friend Giyen, ya know… of Bacon is my Enemy fame… Put a little bug in my ear back in, Oh… AUGUST and next thing I knew I was submitting a pitch to Ignite Seattle. See this post’s title? That was the title pitch, and the following was the rest:

Vlogging is all the rage. But let’s face it… YouTube has far, FAR more crappy vlogs than awesome ones. What does it take to go from “crap” to “awesome”? I have some ideas, and not one of them includes taking off your clothes for the camera.

Ignite’s tagline is, “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” Nothing says “quick” like a pitch that throws in the words “crappy” and “crap” in 2 of 4 sentences.

And this is how it went down… Me, a microphone and about 600 unsuspecting Ingitees.

***I recently earned a spot in the Babble article listing the 20 Best YouTube channels for kids! My Ignite presentation and maybe my brownie video (Joe, I’m looking at you!)… might be better to peek at before showing the childrens… *wink*

Now. This is just a bootlegged copy that the huz captured from an iPhone and a seat fairly far away. But close.

He’s supportive like that.

Ignite typically posts their much-better videos, but the vids aren’t up just yet, and I have gotten a few requests for the video… so… let’s just put this puppy out on the porch.

*eyes cross*

Now. Ignite Seattle 11. It was not all about me. But this post is. So.


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