How O’Pinterest brought O’friends together on St. Paddy’s Day

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So, the o’night before St. Paddy’s Day, I o’chilled out before bed and did some o’therapeutic pinning.

I pinned these rainbow pancakes and o’mentioned in my pin I would be making them in the o’morning…

My friend O’Andrea was all, “What time’s breakfast?? We’ll be there!!!”

And then I o’thought… O’HMMMM! THAT COULD O’WORK! 

Then I was all… YEAH! and she was all, SERIOUS? and I was all… and we were all…

And then the o’texting in the o’morning to make sure I wasn’t an o’ liar or out of my o’mind…. and then their o’family showed up at our o’door with  O’MOCHAS (!!!) and…


rainbow pancake batter

Did you know it is not so easy to make orange o’batter? Did you know it is easier to make SALMON color than orange? True story. No o’foolin’…

cooking rainbow pancakes

Just o’makin’ some o’rainbow pancakes.

green whip

I feel the green o’whip wasn’t nearly o’green enough.

chocolate chip pancakes

My parents raised me to put chocolate o’chips in my pancakes. I can’t o’quit them…


And don’t forget the O’SAUSAGE!

green shirt, pink clover

And what would the day be without the o’graphic tee? A headless graphic tee shot. My o’face, she was not fit for o’picture taking. Is it o’vampires that can’t be o’photographed? Late night pinning can do that to an o’girl…

It was a wonderful impromptu breakfast party. I am bad at planning get-togethers, and the o’impromtu part meant I didn’t have time to stress about cleaning the house… and we really only had an hour to shove our o’faces full… and I’d never o’invite somebody over for breakfast with only an o’hour to eat… so it o’totally worked out to not o’plan and just be o’spontaneous and I think, quite possibly… we experienced/created the worlds first PINTEREST O’MEETUP!!!


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