How Instagram Has Changed How I View Life: Quad-riding, Blackberriey Pickin’, Dress-up, Coffee, and etc…

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Though I am a picture-taker, I think if it wasn’t for Instagram, I might not capture such a complete picture story of our life.

I was raised, as many children of the 80’s were, in a time when most pictures were taken at special occasions… trips to Disneyland, Easter at Grandma’s, the water park, birthdays, Christmas morning, and the famous painfully-posed family picture in front of whatever photo-spot on the family road trip.

Of course other pictures do exist… but not like today. Social platforms have changed us… have changed how we end up sharing the story, and eventually how we will get to view the story of our lives in years to come.

Coming from the event-based picture-taking mindset, social sharing platforms such as Instagram has shifted how and how often I take pictures. I am discovering I love looking back in my stream and seeing the progression of the year(s). I love seeing the little moments… the informal and real-life moments. The everyday. The times when my kids are grown, I will long and ache for. Though right now I long and ache for a clean house, but that’s an entirely different post…

So here’s to the youngest and her fabulous style while riding the quad…

And to blackberry picking in the backyard (we’ve gathered 45 cups so far!)…

And to AMAZING surprise gifts in the mail from a treasured friend

And to saying goodbye to Papa Daddy and Grandma *wipes tear*…

And to discipline in the form of sentence writing. STOP EATING IN THE LIVING ROOM, GIRLS!!!

And to my puppy as a stole. I have always wanted a fur stole…

And to my brief escape to journal, list-make, and sip 2 shots of espresso before 6:30…

To SQUEEGEE WITH FRIENDS! I hear everybody’s doing it…


(I’m kidding, the girls got vanilla steamers… I may be crazy but I’m not THAT crazy!)

And a bit more coming about this later, but I HAD to get a picture of the girls meeting the ladies of Fifth Harmony at a small meet-n-greet when we hit-up Westfield Southcenter for some back to school shopping this week!

This was not put on Instagram, I don’t share EVERYTHING! OK, maybe I do… But, this was a picture we texted to daddy during our back to school shopping lunch. Just wanted to tell him we were thinking of him!


It’s the littlest moments that just sneak up and remind you how sweet life is. Literally. Because the next picture is ice cream with sprinkles because… ICE CREAM WITH SPRINKLES!!!

By looking at these, I see very few pictures of my son. He’s 14. It’s funny how one can learn about one’s life from what one does NOT see showing up in pictures… that one’s son is growing up. *grips chest*

As we head into a new week… what will you be capturing moments of? WE CAN’T EVEN KNOW!

I bet we’ll be seeing a lot of back-to-school pictures (we have 2 more weeks!). The thing is, nothing special needs to be happening. Don’t miss the everyday… even the mess of dress-up, princess clothes on the floor. It may drive you nuts today, but compared to the mess of graphic tees and dirty socks on the angst-y teen’s bedroom floor, the princess dress-up pile might be a picture one will gaze upon with sweet remembrances someday.

Maybe not today. But someday…

Happy memory capturing! Let’s connect on Instagram! If you are following me , but I’m not following back… let me know! I am a bit unorganized like that.


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