How I Broke My Pinky Toe. Edited: Three Times

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So, I made a video of me telling the story of how I broke my pinky toe.

And then.

Lucy hurt her knee and had been hobbling around on crutches and one week after – what I will now refer to as – My First Break Lucy hobbled by me and re-injured my broken toe with a stray crutch.

Now, I am not sure how much healing can happen in a week, but I guesstimate since I was given about a 4 week healing period, I lost about one quarter of my healing time.

And then.

A week later… I was walking into the kitchen. And I walked past the trash can (it’s one of those cans that has a little foot pedal/toe-breaker) and I caught Pinky on the pedal (because I was not wearing protection because the wrap actually makes it more painful to walk so I was taking a break) (now I am making excuses like Ross did when he and Rachel either were or were not taking a break but I digress…)

I caught my pinky toe on the pedal and I dropped to the floor.

And I stayed there. In half-tears and half-laughter because my son was laughing at me and I I was trying to tell him it wasn’t funny, but really if you think about a grown woman crying on a kitchen floor… how can one not laugh?

It has been one week since the third break and my toe is still swollen. I cannot wear close-toed shoes. My balance is horrible. And I am worried I may never wear shoes with toes ever again.

The positive? I am thankful it is summer and it is the season of flip flops and Birkenstocks. And despite my initial purchase regret on my Birkenstocks early this summer (they ain’t cheap), they have been my saving grace and they have earned their keep. And they’re super cute.


That is the story of how I broke my toe. And re-broke it. And re-broke it again. My husband thinks I should maybe go to the doctor again. I think maybe at this rate I might be training a toe worthy of a circus side show.

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