How Did You Make Your Hair All Wavy: A Triple Barrel Curling Iron Tutorial

“How did you make your hair all wavy like that, Jenny?”


I’d say that question calls for a VIDEO TUTORIAL… because the way I get that wavy-hair look is by breaking out the big guns… the TRIPLE BARREL CURLING IRON.

And that’s it!

The iron I used in that video is now deceased. I replaced it with the *Bed Head Deep Waver. The barrels are a bit smaller, but does the job! And it gets the heat really going so I can get it done pretty quick. But be careful, that bad boy is HOT.

As bad boys are 😉

I can usually get this done in 15 minutes. But when I first started it took more than 20. It may be a bit of a longer time commitment than some are willing to commit to styling, but for me I can get 2-3 days-worth of fancy hair… with the wave mellowing out a bit more each day. By the third day (if I can make it without washing), I really like how low-key and natural the wave looks. And that’s when I go for the dry shampoo… I’ll also go wavy when I’m just plain tired of the usual blow-out/straight hair look. The triple barrel is a great way to change things up. Fortunately for me, my hair receives curl really well, so the pay-off for the effort is a good pairing.

I hardly ever do up-dos… I rarely do anything with headbands or pins nor add any general hair accessories. Instead, I go toe to toe with the masters if heat and hair. Here’s a video I made a while ago on how I get my BIG curls (often referred to as the Farrah Fawcett style)…

Seriously, when I say big guns, I mean BIG GUNS. Yep.


Style on, my friends…

Be careful, hydrate, keep a snack nearby… and style on.

triple barrel curling iron tutorial via @jennyonthespot

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17 Responses to “How Did You Make Your Hair All Wavy: A Triple Barrel Curling Iron Tutorial”

  1. Momo says:

    Now I have to go buy a triple barrel. No, really. NOW.

  2. Jo says:

    I have one of those barrel thingys but the barrels are smaller, yours are the perfect size! I don’t have as much hair as you do and it does not take a curl well at all. That’s why I chemically curl it (perm). Aaanywho… you’re gorgeous, as usual…big surprise. *insert sarcasm here*

  3. Shash says:

    Well I’ll be. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have cut off 5 inches last month! I need one of those!!

    p.s. watching with my DD who sees your bedazzled cup and gasps… “She was at BlissDom!” 🙂

  4. Lucrecer says:

    I love your big wavy hair!

  5. Jen says:

    Went out today and bought one! Its AWESOME. The volume is insane and I love the look! Thanks Jenny!

  6. Michelle says:

    I want straight hair! I used to straighten in High School, but I remember it taking a while…and if it rains, there goes that.
    Now we live here. Chances are, it will rain.

    PS Your hair looks fabulous no matter what!

  7. Jenn says:

    Love your hair! I have lots and lots of very FINE hair.
    Fine hair that does not hold a curl.

    I go to town with the big curling iron but….hmmm. Maybe I should give a triple one a go….

    Oh, who am I kidding. Lately mine seems to be in a pony tail or under a hat. Or both.

  8. Melissa says:

    Where did you buy it from and what is the size of the barrels?

  9. Shannon says:

    What size are the barrels? I want one of these bad boys for Christmas—just tying to decide which size I should ask Santa for!!!

  10. […] hair tool with adjustable wave-ing. You can check it out here! I made a how-to video using my other triple barrel iron here, so you can purchase one of your own AND know how to use […]

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