Honest Observations

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If anyone is gonna give it to you straight, it’s gonna be your kids.

No black too black.

No white too white.

So secret safe.

No room for ego.

If your arm is jiggly… you WILL get called out.

If you have been working on the computer too much, your son might say something like,

If I were a blogger and had to be on the computer this much? I’d get screen sick. I’m serious, mom.

You don’t have to be a parent of a child. Be you friend or stranger, kids will speak what they see. Speak via the filter they see through… They’re bold like that. Innocent like that. They are literal filters. Literally… Which makes a gray adult-existence suddenly explode with clarity. And any degree of humiliation.

For example, smoking. My son and I engaged in a conversation about smoking and addiction to smoking. I could tell by his line of questioning he was trying to “get it”. Why smoking? What’s the addiction?A group of men we had recently encountered sparked our convo. Thankfully he saved the discussion for the car. I could see his wheels turning… it wasn’t making sense. And rightly so.

So. Um… What are they addicted to?


So. My kids know smoking is bad. But I don’t make them eat their crusts. Win some, lose some.


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