Hey! I’m a Mom on a Bike! Meet my Huffy Regatta!

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Congratulations to Heike – commenter #2! Thanks to all who participated!

Imagine… … … the wind at your face.

Fresh air.

Just you and the faint sound of road passing beneath your feet.


On my Huffy Regatta via @jennyonthespot

I wish you guys could really see the hill grade… and it’s gravel. I am so tough.

In the not-so-far-away past, I competed in my fair share of sprint-distance triathlons (and one Olympic distance tri!). I started in 2001… My short-lived obsession brought me back to some old childhood loves… swimming and bike riding.

Fast forward to 2012… life is a bit different. My kids are older, life has gotten fuller, and I haven’t done a triathlon in a couple of years.

Which means I have again stepped away from those childhood loves.

In early summer, Huffy contacted me for a program called Huffy Moms on Bikes.

I was all, “Gosh… I sure do miss bike riding…”

Huffy Regatta via @jennyonthespot
All the thinking again about biking had me reminiscing about those good ol’ elementary days… My parents got me THE COOLEST bike. She was a deep red with white wall tires, a basket on the front… AND A BELL. I remember riding it to school and kids being impressed with my white walls.

Enter: The Huffy Regatta.

The Huffy Regatta via @jennyonthespot
I’m not riding a bike to school anymore, but… this girl kinda makes me wish I did!


Disclosure: As part of the Huffy Moms on Bikes program, Huffy send me this cute bike.

I had 2 requirements for me to agree to this deal:

  1. I needed gears. I live in a VERY hilly area. No gears, no bikey.
  2. It had to be charming. I have a road bike. I don’t need sporty.

The Regatta delivered. From the “good old days” styling to the satchel on the back. There’s potential in that satchel… a jaunt to the farmer’s market for fresh produce. But it also serves as a great spot for my helmet…

I imagine when Olivia is tall enough, she be begging to ride it. Heck, she’s not tall enough and she already is. What can I say, she loves to ride bikes and SHE HAS GREAT TASTE!


Contest is now CLOSED.

Now. About that giveaway. Just in time for Christmas (2 months people TWO MONTHS!), Huffy has offered one of my readers a chance to win ONE of the following:

Disney Princess Folding Tricycle.
Disney Cars 16 inch boys bike
To enter check out the Huffy site (here). Come back and in the comment section tell me which bike tickles your fancy!

Rules, details, extra entry, etc…

  • You must answer the prompt (above) to enter.
  • You can receive a second entry by tweeting, and leaving the link to your tweet in a separate comment. An example tweet that you may use: Check out this SPARKLY kids Huffy bike giveaway from @jennyonthespot just in time for the holidays! http://bit.ly/TgY4R0 (If you do not leave the link to your tweet in the comments, I will need to delete the comment, sorry!)
  • Winner will be notified by email address left in entry comment. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen.
  • You must be 18 to enter.
  • Open to US residents only.
  • You must be able to submit a street address. Huffy cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.
  • Winner gets to choose ONE of the options… the trike or the bike.
  • Contest runs from Oct. 25th to midnight PST Nov. 1st, 2012.
  • Last, but most important, have fun, and GOOD LUCK!!!


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