He's Mine. Allllll Mine. But Not the Cutlets.

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Just read.

lady man[photo credit AIGA Seattle on flickr]

The huz and I went to a cross-dressers designer’s conference last weekend.

He’s the designer. I’m the designee. I’m a blogger.

Funny thing about all that… Folks would ask, “So… What [design group] are you with?”

I wore it proud — “I’m a blogger!” Most welcomed me warmly, but a few looked at me as if I yelled “touchdown” at a hockey game.

I digress.

Friday night was a big party and we had to dress-up for it – Oktoberfest-style.

HAD to.

Since it was kinda my lady’s man’s party. He was the “party facilitator”, if you will.

And “facilitate” he did.

my lady man

Funny story. As if those pictures don’t stand alone… breasts but…

Early in the evening, my Lady Man was approached by the wife (Nancy) of that evening’s speaker. You may know him as Steven Frykholm, esteemed Creative Director and VP for Herman Miller… But we call them Steve and Nancy. We’re close like that.

One might even say that we are BREAST friends.


You see, that fashion-savvy Nancy saw a flaw in my Lady Man’s costume-wear. HE needed breasties. SHE could help.

And in 3… 2… 1… Nancy whipped out her very own breastie cutlets from her very bosom… took those darlins, reached down my Lady Man’s “blouse” and helped place them… “like so”.

The rest of the evening Paul knew how it felt. How it felt to have to remind people that he was a person too and that when people spoke to him, it cut deep that they checked out his rack instead of made eye contact.

But I don’t have that problem… I have that issue with my teeth. It’s all about my teeth. My eyes get so jealous. And my boobies.

And Nancy, she is one of those women you want to stalk never forget. We shared drinks the following evening. We learned how very small the world is, and Nancy left me inspired… She said something to the effect, “You know. You just have to do stuff like that sometimes!”

My takeaway? To start wearing breastie cutlets and share them with hair & flat-chested men?

Perhaps… I wonder if Nancy would be my friend on Facebook.


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