HERSHEY’s Spreads: Spreadable Chocolate #spreadpossibilities

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So… on December 6th HERSHEY’s came out with a certain kind of magic… HERSHEY’s Spreads!


And because I might be part unicorn, and the magic just can’t resist me, I get to work with HERSHEY’s on sharing about this magic. So, thank you, HERSHEY’s for sponsoring this post and a handful more through January!

Just as a frame of reference, I love my my chocolate. But what happens when you make chocolate spreadable?


HERSHEY’s sent me all 3 kinds of their spreads: Chocolate, Chocolate with Almonds, and Chocolate with Hazelnut!

Hershey's Spreads spreadable chocolate: Chocolate, Chocolate with Hazelnut, and Chocolate with Almond

And they sent me stuff with which to test the magic (i.e. HERSHEY’s Spreads):

Hershey's Spreads spreadable chocolate: Things to dip!

Look… I have a MAGIC wand!

Hershey's Spreads spreadable chocolate on a PiroulineA little bit of HERSHEYS’s Chocolate with Hazelnut spread on this Pirouline/bad boy.


Don’t be jealous. As I shared in the beginning of this post, HERSHEY’s spreads hit the shelves on December 6th so that means you can make your own magic happen RIGHT NOW.

From graham crackers, to dried fruit, to fresh fruit, to granola bars, to Priouline’s, to pita chips, or pretzles or assorted nuts or even rice cakes!

In my next post I am going to be sharing with you my favorite pairings. I think I will experiment with peanut butter cookies or strawberries or pineapple or … Oooh, how about in a cup of strong coffee? Who knows… maybe I’ll venture into turning on the stove top and tap into my crépe making skillz!

I don’t even have a question that my Lucy would LOVE free reign with a jar of HERSHEY’s Spreads and MARSHMALLOWS.

But at the risk of sounding too simplistic, and this may be a confession… I am just as happy with my HERSHEY’s spreadable chocolate served — ON A SPOON.

Oh the possibilities.


Seriously. It’s ridiculous almost, the #spreadpossibilities.

Anywho… I have some “work” to do as I go explore the possibilities and discover my favorite parings – so I can share them with you. I have one idea I almost think I don’t even have to test it to know it will be the magic I think it will be. But you’ll have to come back for that one.

In the mean time, maybe go grab yourself a jar or three (I am not the boss of you!). Check it out and enjoy the possibilities.


There’s another!


The magic and possibilities are ENDLESS!


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