HERSHEY’s Spreads Giveaway Winner Announced and a Look Back…

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Back in December HERSHEY’S was all, “Hey, JOTS… check out our new awesome stuff!”

HERSHEY’s Spreads

I was all, “I will be the judge of that.”

Hershey's Spread

OK, so that wasn’t our conversation VERBATIM, but I did take the *challenge*… to check out the new HERSHEY’s Spreads.

*Disclosure: Hershey’s has sponsored this post. All opinion and experience with the product is my own.

I mean, who am I to turn down chocolate.


The hashtag for this program has been #spreadpossibilities, and if that’s not a fitting hashtag… I don’t know what is! HERSHEY’s sent me a box of all three of their spreads and a bunch of goodies to enjoy them with…


Hershey's SpreadsThings to dip in Hershey's SpreadsThe family and I enoyed the taste testing.

What tough life, you know… a life where you are tested on what things taste the best dipped in chocolate.

But then I stepped out of the box, if you will. We tested the every morsel that was included in the box HERSHEY’s sent, and then I was all, “WHAT ELSE?!”

Crêpes filled with banana and HERSHEY’s chocolate goodness, THAT’S WHAT ELSE!

Hershey's Spreads and crêpes

(View that delicious post here.)

I even even created my own little blissful cookie bites.

Hershey's Spreads and home made tassies

I names them Cherry and Raspberry Chocolate Filled Sugar Cookie Tassies. I should have just named them AWESOME BITES OF AWESOME.

Now my kids keep asking me to make more. They could easily replace the standard chocolate chip cookie around here. I’m thinking I might get fancy with my Super Bowl treats this Sunday.

If you’d like the recipe to these yummy guys, follow this link to my recipe. It’s pretty straightforward. And very awesome.

And now, to wrap all of this up deliciously, Hersey’s is giving away that same exact package here to one of my readers! The contest ran last week and wrapped up at 11:59 on January 30th. I am so excited to get to share with you the winner of that giveaway! This winner will receive the same package of goodness that I did.

Hershey's Spreads giveaway

Though it is not required, I am hoping the winner will share what she does with box of chocolate possibilities.

Without further adieu… the winner is…

The Hereshey's Spreads giveaway winner is - LAURA ARI!!!

Congratulations, Laura! That chocolate fondue sounds AMAZING!!! FABULOUS idea!!! Way to #spreadpossibilities!

And remember, one doesn’t have to dip anything but a spoon into HERSHEY’s Spreads to tickle one’s taste buds. All else is a bonus!

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