HERSHEY’s Spread and Crêpes!

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So… HERSHEY’s Spread.

What is my favorite pairing with my HERSHEY’s Spread..


Well, the easiest pairing in my home is graham crackers.

And/or bananas.

HERSHEY's Spread on crêpes (and bananas!)You really can’t go wrong.

Before I get ahead of myself… I want to send a big thank you to HERSHEY’s for sponsoring this-here post today!

Of course there is always peanut butter on graham crackers with HERSHEY’S Spread atop that.

But if I were to be totally honest and tell you my 100% most favorite pairing, I would have to tell you…
HERSHEY's Spread on crêpes (and bananas!)…that MY favorite pairing and my family’s favorite pairing would have to be…

HERSHEY's Spread on crêpes (and bananas!)CRÊPES! HERSHEY’s hazelnut chocolate spread with bananas on crêpes.

HERSHEY's Spread on crêpes (and bananas!)And a big dollop of whipped cream, of course!

It’s not TOO much effort. It’s just more effort than dipping slices of apples into the jar.

BUT THE tickled taste-bud PAY-OFF is just about at the same level of awesome as double rainbows.

Alls ya gotta do is whip up some crêpe batter. I sometimes use mix from the box and sometimes I make the batter from scratch. It’s really no big deal either way. Dry igredients meet wet ingredients meet a hot pan meet HERSHEY’s Spread.

I’ve seen folks make all their crêpes, pile them atop each other (between wax paper to keep from sticking) and then fill to their heart’s content.

Personally, I like to build them one by one right there in the hot pan – especially when using HERSHEY’s Spread. The heat from the pan gets the spread nice and melty. Not that the spread need ANYTHING to make it delicious-er, but… oh when it’s warm and melty and fresh off the pan THAT IS ALL SHE WROTE, MY FRIENDS.




Actually, put the fork in the crêpe.

But what if you are not the crêpe type? It’s OK (but how could anyone NOT be?). Spread summa that spread on pancakes or french toast OR WAFFLES… that chocolate spread is as versatile as a little black dress. You can use it for almost any food occasion… especially breakfast occasions.


So break out your whisk, crêpe box or recipe, and your little jar of HERSHEY’s Spread… and prepare to dazzle all the tastebuds in your kitchen.

And why don’t you go ahead and watch my video about how to take compliments. You will want to prepare yourself… because you WILL be receiving LOTS of compliments.

What do you think – sounds yummy, right? Have you ever made crêpes before? Which spread would you use – straight chocolate, with hazelnut or almond. We like them all, but I just can resist reaching for the hazelnut for this breakfast favorite!

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