Her Favorite Thing: Working with my mom!

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There will come a day when none of my kids will say my presence was a highlight of their experience.

It’s true people. Unbelievable, but true.

Take for example, when my son turns 16. I bet when he turns 16 and he is asked what the best part of his birthday was… he won’t say, “My mom.”

Or at their weddings. MY CHILDREN WILL BE GETTING MARRIED (and give me grandbabies) AND I WILL BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOTHER OF THE BRIDE/GROOM. EVER. But I bet even the cake will rank higher than me on those wonderful days.

I get it. Cake is tough competition, even for a sparkly girl like me.

Maybe when my son is 32 and he has a new baby and new baby is 11 days old and he and his wife are at the end of their independent little rope….  I will come over to do laundry, dishes, cook food and vaccum… and let them escape for 20 minutes until their new-parent paranoia takes over. And in that time not one ripple of anxiety in the delicate mother/son and mother/daughter-in-law relationship will occur…

Only then may my son say one of the best parts of the day would be ME.

Aaaanywho… I do have a point.

I was able to help out in Lucy’s first grade class for Pumpkin Math Day.

I know. I can see you are turning green with envy. Who doesn’t love math AND pumpkins AND a classroom of 6 year olds? RIGHT?


But this is where I win and write about this moment because there will be a day all my kids will be with their preferred companions (see multiple examples as referenced above) and I will be stitting here at my computer blogging about how my children don’t love me/obsess over me/need me anymore.

Obsess sure is an odd looking word.

And obtuse.

I digress.


I was able to help out for Pumpkin Math Day. I got to work at the center where the kids guessed what items would float or sank.

VIP much?

Everywhere I go.

Aaaaaanywho. At the end of the activities, Lucy’s teacher asked the class what their favorite part was. She called on Lucy and YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HER FAVORITE PART WAS????


She loves her mama

That’s right, people!

And I write about it here not only to brag because one day I am going to want to rememeber that my kids did want to spend time with me and they did think I was pretty awesome. Turns out I am particularly awesome at predicting whether things like pumpkins and matchbox cars can float or not.

I am like a FREAKING ONION. Layers, people. LAY-AHSSSS.

Oh, and one little fella was particularly impressed with my cutting skills. I was helping cut the top off a pumpkin and he was all “You are really good at cutting.” I was all, “Thanks.” And he was all, “NO. You are really good at that.” And I was all, “You think I’m good at this? You should see me stir.”

Now that I think about it, I think I should hang out with those people more often. They know who’s made of magic…



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