Helping Lost Kindergarteners: Don’t Talk to Strangers

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It was the second day of school. I took the girls and walked Lucy to her class from the bus entrance – to practice finding her class.

Lucy braving first grade

She was going to ride the bus to school the next day – for the first time – and I wanted her to be prepared.

I am not a helicopter mom. But what if I am? What are you gonna do about it?

Huh? HUH?

I digress…

As I left her class I saw a little guy… Kind-of turning in circles in the hallway – looking up… mostly because he was little and when you’re 5 – EVERYTHING is up!

One of the staff members and I encountered him at the same time… she was on her way to help another lost little, so I told her I would help with this sweet fella.

I was sure he was a kindergartener… which meant he was on the wrong side of the school. The poor little guy walked the wrong way to find his class…

So I asked him: Sweetie… are you in kindergarten?

He: *blinkblink* and looked away.

Me: Do you know your teacher’s name?

He: *stares off *

Me: O.K. Just follow me, buddy…

He: *follows me*

We catch up with another mom, also helping a lost kindergartner. Her charge refused to talk to her as well.

She: He doesn’t talk to strangers.

Me: Ahhh… yeah… Apparently this little guy doesn’t either.

Out of the blue, my little guy acted like somebody lit a fire right under his feet and next thing I knew I was running to keep up.

Me: Hey, whoa there buddy!

He stopped mid-run for a brief moment and pointed to this:

How the kidnergarteners find their way.

Apparently when we rounded the corner he saw the clue that leads all kindergarteners home — a trail of apples. THAT was the fire under his feet.

He found an apple and knew then exactly where to go.

I tried to keep up, but he was fast. I peeked around the corner into the pod just as he was safely slipping into his kindergarten classroom.

Good job kiddo… you’re gonna do just fine…


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