Heading to BlogHer: Celebrity Meetings – A How-To (or How-Not-To, you choose).

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A sponsored post…

Have you ever met a celebrity?

I have.

*swoops hair off brow, scratches said brow with unkept nail*

I met Dora at BlogHer10!

Me meeting Dora at BlogHer 2010. See? I’m cool, I’m chill…

I met Nate Berkus at BlogHer10!Meeting Nate Berkus – BlogHer 10. I wonder if he remembers us…


Pretty much anytime I meet someone who is of the celebrity-ilk – I get a wee-bit goofy. But I try to be cool. But can’t help but be goofy… because OMG! A celebrity!

Poor Jenny (not me, see picture below)… Bless her. She is a saint. The first time I met her back in 2009 I nearly tackled her… but she was so gracious… Every time I almost tackle her she is gracious. And when I had a chance to corner her see her again back in July –

Jenny & Jenny

I can’t help but get a little goofy when I see this woman. But it’s practically her fault… if she wasn’t so nice.


Eventhough I don’t feel I have EMOTIONALLY mastered the celebrity-meet – I have never been imprisoned after a meet, nor have I ever been served a restraining order… So, pretty much… I feel I can give advice.


How to behave when you meet a celebrity at a blogging conference:

  • Don’t use tackling as a method of approach.
  • Yet, don’t be shy.
  • But don’t be obnoxious.
  • Be yourself.
  • Unless you’re obnoxious.
  • Then be less-yourselfy. Hey… nobody’s perfect.
  • Pretend the celebrity is naked is a real-live person, but pretend they are not human… but rather a spider or a cockroach… Basically, they are just as afraid of you as you are of them.
  • (Celebrities are not cockroaches… to be clear.)
  • Put yourself in their shoes… how would you like to be approached! Do you like to be pet by perfect strangers? I think not… Or maybe you do, but most people don’t. Make a note:
  • Don’t pet the celebrities.
  • If you fumble over your words/flattery… own it. And always remember it is better to say less than more.
  • Note to self: read this post Friday morning.
  • Lastly, remember… we can be scary. If the celebrity stands there wide-eyed… unable to speak… Just remember – they are more scared of us that we are scared of them. Just like cockroaches.

So. Today I get to meet AND INTERVIEW a celebrity! Maybe you’ve heard of her, Wendi McClendon-Covey… Gorgeous blonde recently seen in Braidesmaids… Reno 911…. and the “inner voice” for Hillshire Farm:

Wendi McClendon-Covey


Will she think I’m pretty? Will I scare her?

Did I just write that out loud?

How embarrassing.

Aaanywho… This meeting is being arranged by Hillshire Farm, as well as my attendance at the Hillshire Farm Food Photography and Styling Workshop.

Hillshire Farm

I just made me scrambled eggs mixed with chopped-up Hillshire Farm honey ham and tomato. I’d take a picture of it for you, but it’s in mah bellee now…

*And this post is sponsored by HillSHire Farm… opinion, advice and breakfast choice was all mine. You gotta visit their Facebook page!


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