Have you had "The Talk" with your kids?

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About money.

My kids are 5, 8 and 11. My older two are at an age where money is becoming a daily part of our family conversations. Even with the 5 year old. Though she wants little plastic ponies… the other 2 want phones and such.

But it’s not about HOW MUCH things cost… it’s about helping them learn value.


The topic of money can be very stressful. CAN be. I think we are at “high stress” when it comes to this topic in our home because we don’t have a solid plan laid out with the kids.

We give them allowance… based on chores and general helpfulness in our home. We all live here. We all need to contribute. BUT our standard is inconsistent. Our plan is fuzzy.

I am discovering my son needs to know he has hope… a way to earn. He has things on his list of wants that we will not be buying. He knows if he wants them… he’s going to have to earn them. Beyond his minimal allowance, how will he earn? How will he make mistakes he can learn from?

I have so many thoughts and strategies and approaches floating in my brain. I listen to friends – some with rigid plans… others with no plans at all.

I find most are in the boat we are in. We see the need to help lead our children in understanding the value of a dollar, but — WHERE DO WE START?

Well, iVillage is having The Talk here. I am loving the ideas presented in this interview. My favorite quote from that video interview Saturday TODAY anchor Amy Robach, “Never give your children money for nothing.” I may not want to adopt all that Amy is doing with her kids, but it is great to get an experienced perspective and grab hold of new ideas.

The ice cream man won't trade you an ice cream cone for your building blocks.

What all this means to me is this – we need to be talking to our kids… about manners and stranger danger AAAAAND money. Managing money has to start some time. It seems the younger we start teaching our kids about financial responsibility, the better. We need to start while the price tag is still low for them. Literally.

Today they may be budgeting for hoodies, iPod Touches and movie tickets, but someday those skills will be applied to their need to finance cars and homes and 401Ks…

Start while the price tag is low…

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