Have you ever dropped your phone? On your face? Asking for a friend.

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Have you ever dropped your phone on your face?

Methinks you have.

You know how it is.

It’s a rare Saturday… no alarm clock required.

You roll over. Grab…. YOUR PHONE.

Perhaps you catch-up on the Facebook.

Or check out some YouTube videos.

Or gain 100 pounds looking at delicious recipes on Pinterest and…


You drop your phone.

Or iPad.

Or Kindle…

On. Your. Face.

Oh the romantic ideas we have of lazy Saturdays made lazier by browsing the web while still tucked into one’s warm sheets…

And THANK GOODNESS usually no one is there to see it because… seriously.

Outside of falling on your face in the middle of a busy parking lot (I may or may not be speaking from experience), there is little else more humiliating than getting thonked on the face with YOUR OWN PHONE.

And then there’s the part where you need to get it off your face… or from lodged between your ear/neck because a face is not flat so it doesn’t just sit atop one’s nose.

Nope. It hits your nose, or eye, and the slips down – app still open and you carefully, but hurriedly, try to get your phone/iPad/Kindle/etc becauseĀ  “I HOPE MY NOSE DIDN’T JUST PIN THAAAAT RECIPE???!!!! WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?!”

And you carefully slap at your face and side-eye exactly where on your face your phone is sitting… in fevevent prayer… praying you didn’t accidentally posting a half-written, passive-aggressively loaded Facebook update that you were never going to share anyway.

Or perhaps sharing a video of THE CUTEST cat sleeping in a bowl to all your subscribers on YouTube…

Or you are on Day25 of the #Whole30 and you are looking at the cheesiest of cheesy mac-n-cheese recipes ever pinned and…

I mean, who hasn’t done it… you begin typing a less-than-passive-way-more-aggressive-yet-still-somewhat-passive status update… knowing your words will never see the the Facebook newsfeed.




Now I’ve outed myself.

I drop my phone on my face on lazy Saturday mornings. Some people run marathons. We all have our gifts.



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