Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2008?

Since JennyOnTheSpot is all about me, here are a few things I’d like to see in the “Oh-8”. I should preface this with the fact that my motto for the year is “Aim Low”. It’s kind-of along the lines of only shaving to the height of your capris. My goals are not lofty, but I’m a sucker for goal-setting and making lists, so here goes:

  • Basic organization in the basement. We’ve binged, now it’s time to purge. I may get a few containers, but I will work with what I have and make a home for the homeless. Notice, there is no expectation for a “Mission Organization” transformation. Simply put, at this point, any progress is progress. One trip to Goodwill is one clean corner. Oh, and no piling up for a summer yard sale. No-ho. Going, going,*poof*.   
  • I will balance the checkbook every month. I will balance the checkbook every month. I will balance the checkbook every month. 
  • I will paint my daughter’s nails. I will let Olivia paint my nails and not hide them for fear my peers will think I never learned how. We will primp and be creative.
  • I will read to my kids more, and play Go-Fish more too. Just gonna.
  • I hate to add a weight thing. But, No,No,No,. I will choose veggies – more. I will make a greater effort to NOT escape to my pantry when the going gets tough. I will fight the urge that drives me there to shovel fists-ful of chocolate chips, washed down only by tears as I get pushed to the edge of all sanity. I keep nearly nothing around that tempts me, because I know that I am weak – very weak. I don’t even like chocolate chips without a confectionary jacket of beaten eggs and white flour and sugar, but there are times people – I can’t even explain, There. Are. Times… Maybe if the chocolate chips filled a punching bag. Hmmm…

That’s enough. I have lists to make.

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