Theatre Review: Hamilton at the Paramount in Seattle

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*I received two media tickets to Hamilton at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre. All opinion and this story of my experience is my own. I was not asked nor required to share a review. But you know I totes can’t not! It’s HAMILTON!!!

I almost feel like writing a review of Hamilton is repetitive. 

Hamilton at Seattle's Paramount Theatre

I don’t mean repetitive as far as things I have written about, but all the reviews I read/hear of Hamilton say it is amazing.

I cannot contradict that assessment.


The Paramount Theatre in Seattle features the Second National Tour of Hamilton. Touring shows usually do not feature the “big stars” that take the stage in NYC (like show creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda who also plays Alexander Hamilton). For the touring show, Joseph Morales plays Alexander Hamilton, and as much as I’ve listened to the soundtrack with my daughter… Joseph Morales knocked it out of the park. I was curious how it would be, and color me impressed… It was (wait for it)… simply AMAZING.

The singing, rapping, choreography… the use of the set… all of it – an eye and earful of creative magic.

Nik Walker as Aaron Burr had such a powerful presence. WOW.

Shoba Narayan, the woman who played Eliza Hamilton, her voice was absolutely stunning. Her voice is as smooth as velvet. I could listen to her ALL DAY.

This show you guys.

The singing. The dancing. The acting. And all of it LIVE.

Hamilton at Seattle's Paramount Theatre

The level of skill and talent at any live show always, always amazes me. And this cast nailed it even with the MOVING STAGE.

“Moving stage?”, you ask?


There was a turning circle incorporated into the stage that added this… movement that just… I don’t know… just wowed me. I’ve seen shows get creative with their stages:

  • flying people
  • multiple set designs 
  • fireworks
  • light displays
  • misc moving parts to give motion

But I’ve never seen this moving floor. They way they married the choreography and storyline and this moving circular floor – MIND. BLOWN.

There was a hurricane scene and… any of my describing words fall flat. It really felt like we were watching a slow-motion hurricane. The actors lifted furniture…. the circle moved… people moved without moving… and the lighting design only created more depth and emotion.

*takes deep breath*

The singing and rapping.

The creative, modern choreography.

One, set stage that didn’t feel mundane. 

Such talent. Such creativity. Such inspiration.

And a history lesson.

Tickets ARE still available (I know many folks assume it is all sold-out). The Hamilton at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre runs February 6 through March 18th. Tickets can be purchased here. You can also get info and enter the #HAM4HAM ticket lottery (40 tickets for every performance $10 each) by visiting this link.

My daughter went with me. She is a theatre kid. She’s been doing musical theatre since she was six. We are on a mission to see as many shows as possible. Hamilton HAD to happen. I am so grateful to live in a place where live theatre is so accessible. I am so thrilled the Paramount Theatre is a location for so many Broadway tours. What a privilege to experience and have access to such talent and culture. Have you seen any shows lately? DO TELL!

Hamilton at Seattle's Paramount Theatre

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