Halloween Treat: Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

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Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

Halloween is FULL of candy.

Candy candy candy candy candy.

It’s hard to compete with candy.

Also, candy is easy. What about something more on the healthy side, BUT ALSO EASY? 

Nothing gets much easier than peeling an orange, AM I RIGHT?!

Halloween Treats: Mandarin Orange Pumpkins by @jennyonthespot

You can probably make one of these faster than I can type out the directions, but here goes:

  • • Peel a mandarin orange (or other small, orange citrus fruit), and
  • • Stick a piece of green kookaburra/licorice in the top hole.
  • • BOOM

You’re right… licorice is candy. But it’s only a small piece that is needed. If you want to take the healthy-snacking effect all the way… use celery instead!


Mandarin Orange Pumpkins fro a Halloween treat

Would you like a few (or four) more creative Halloween treat ideas? Here you go!

And of course I made a video of it! It was awhile ago, but sweet treats stand the test of time 😉

Trouble viewing the video? Click here!
5 Homemade Halloween Treats

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