Last-Minute Halloween Decor Ideas Using Thrifted Finds!

Decorating doesn’t equal a huge time investment.

How about last-minute Halloween decor ideas using thrifted finds?

I think I heard you yell, “OK!”

Well, OK, then, lets look at some Halloween decor!

In case you missed my Value Village haul video from a few weeks ago, you can check it out here.

All month I have been playing with my thrifted finds from Value Village. THANK YOU Savers and Value Village for sponsoring this incredibly fun series! … Perhaps you saw my no-sew pumpkins using thrifted fabric, or what I did with thrifted frames, or what I did to my dog

But I had SO MUCH STUFF to get creative with! You wanna see what other Halloween decor I made???

Having trouble viewing the video? Watch it here.

I know I was moving pretty fast in that video. Here are some pictures of some of those items, and a brief explanation on how I made them. Let’s start with one of the most famous Halloween characters… Frankenstein.

Halloween Decor: Frankenstein pillow by @jennyonthespot
My sister-in-law came with me to Value Village. I asked her to join me because she is a woman of vision. I walked by the pillows. She walked behind me. I walked right past this green-fringed pillow. She stopped, picked it the pillow I ignored,  and was all, “JENNY. FRANKENSTEIN?!”

To go from pillow to Frankenstein, I simply spray painted the fringe (the spray painting was simple, the taping-off was NOT). Then I played around with some of the yarn I found at Value Village and hot glued Frankenstein’s face on.

It’s OK. Frankenstein can handle hot glue on his face.

I opted out of the bolts on the side of the head because… I can. I think a piece of the success behind crafting is in the details… but it is also in letting some things go. Like bolts on a pillow.

Now… brass and hurricane lamps are not necessarily something I stop for.

Halloween Decor: hurricane lamp made new via @jennyonthespot

However, before my trip to Value Village I poked around on Pinterest and saw a fun idea using hurricane lamps. With a few coats of black spray paint and of course a coat of glitter paint, I was able to create a fun way to display a pumpkin.

To get the dots on that pumpkin I used craft paint and a circle sponge. BAM.

Speaking of Pinterest ideas… I teamed up with Value Village for the Monster Mash Pin to Win contest. They asked folks to come up with Halloween-inspired Pinterest board for a chance to win a $150 gift card to use at Value Village. That contest is all wrapped up and a winner has been chosen!


*tosses glitter*

Y’all have got to check out her inspiration board – right here!

OK…. before I wrap up this series, I have one more cute creation to show you. The credit for this idea also goes to my sister-in-law. She saw potential in a rather ugly stool. A couple of coats black of paint on that stool and a painted pumpkin and you go from ugly stool and standard pumpkin to curious pumpkin with legs! Since a spider has 8 legs, maybe Miss Suspicious Pumpkin isn’t a spider, but maybe she is… Maybe she’s looking for her other 4 legs?

The thing about decorating with thrifted finds… you get to tap into your creativity. If you don’t feel you are creative, I bet you don’t give yourself enough credit.

I found once I let myself just wander (armed with my own inspiration board on Pinterest) it was impossible NOT to come up with something. Actually, LOTS of somethings.

Well, that and a can or two of spray paint. I mean, really… Miss Spider with 4 legs? You can’t find that ready-made on a shelf at a store.

Halloween Decor: Little Miss Spider only has 4 legs.
You inspired yet?


I also learned about how spray paint can make your hands messy.

Halloween Decor: spray painting
My friend Sherry of Paper, Scissors, Keyboard re-used an old canvas after seeing my BOO frame. Check out her cute BOO canvas here! I’d love to see YOUR creations. I am definitely most creative when inspired by the creativity of others. Definitely.

*Originally posted October 29, 2013*

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4 Responses to “Last-Minute Halloween Decor Ideas Using Thrifted Finds!”

  1. Jo says:

    Love the Frankenstein pillow! And the candelabra!! Oh and the poke-a-dot pumpkin with a hat is adorbs, too!! 😉 xo

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  3. Andrea says:

    Love love love!!

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