Hair and Such

by | Mar 15, 2011 | General, Mental Pause | 6 comments

Perhaps you have noticed a few changes around here?

If not, that’s OK. There was one time I had asked my husband to get rid of his goater goatee, and he did and I didn’t notice for a whole day.

Speaking of the husband, he is trying to make Jenny On the Spot faster (the site not ME) and let’s just say technology hates me. And because this is MY site he is working on, technology hates him too… because of Me. And he’s smart. But I assert – inanimate objects and technology hate me and that hate will flow through me however directly or indirectly hitherhencetofore… my husband is suffering the consequences.

Also and additionally we have lots of sick and life pulling at us… and my creativity is…

*looks around*

I am not sure where it went. What I AM sure of is this – I got 3 hours of sleep last night. There were fevers and nightmares and vomit and an impressively bloody nose.

An aside: I often feel bad for having so many blankets around the house (Hoarders much?)… but then times like these arise and I am thankful for my hoarding nature. And even still — if we get one more vomit before I can get a few loads done, and it’s skin to mattress for every one of us.

And now about hair.

Why? because I noticed a theme… Sleep-deprived or no, you can’t deny there isn’t a freakish similarity going on here…



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