Guest Junk Drawer Haul: Please Welcome ANDREA!

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Life, Video | 1 comment

Not too long ago I cleaned out my junk drawer and made a video of said

junk drawer haul.

By the way, my junk drawer is slowly returning to it’s junky state.

But my junk gets boring, and my friend Andrea had a great idea – to make guest junk drawer haul videos.

And since she was the idea-maker, she has been given the honor :::ahem::: of being my VERY FIRST JUNK DRAWER HAUL GUEST!

Guest junk drawer haul with Andrea!!!

There’s not a really a whole lot to add. I mean, we’re just going through her junk. You can learn a lot about a family by digging through their junk drawer. What did we learn about Andrea and her fellas…

A BIG thank you to Andrea for being a superb idea-maker and for willingly subjecting her personal space to me. Us. THE INTERNET.

She’s so great. ISN’T SHE JUST GREAT?!

She’s crafty too. And a dynamo. AND a great friend.

Now I need another victim guest. Do you or anyone you know need a little motivation to get your junk drawer cleaned?

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