Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig and How to Brew A Better Day

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Green Mountain Coffee, Keuring and How to Brew A Better Day

It’s no secret.

I’m a coffee fan.

I think the word “fan” is even a conservative way to describe this beloved drink.

For me, the act of drinking coffee in the morning is for more than the purpose of delivering caffeine to my system. It part of my day-making routine. I have a few things I do to get my day on track and start my day off right.

I love my coffee

I have 3 kids and a full plate. Everybody has a full plate. Finding quiet time takes effort and intention. I strive to start each day with a little time on my own before the kids get up. I love to rise and shine, get a warm cup of coffee brewing, and then sit for 10-15 minutes with my journal.

Having a Keurig has made the “get me my coffee” step so easy and wonderful!

In the handful of minutes I have by myself, I sip on my warm cup of coffee goodness and pour out my thoughts on a couple of crisp new journal pages. Then I make my to-do list for the day.

Before the day has even begun, it’s already started off on a good note: coffee, quiet, list-making, and brain dumping.

I don’t consider drinking coffee a task, but an act. It’s part of my ritual of daily goodness. It’s also a social act. So much of my social time with friends involves drinking coffee… together.

Though revving up my Keurig and getting a good cup of coffee does start the day off right… my relationship with coffee and the day doesn’t end when the morning does. There’s just something about having a warm cup in your hands… or sitting next to you as you type, or chat on the phone, or on the counter within reach as you brush your daughter’s hair… A mid-day cup is just the ticket to making a good day better. It’s just a comfort and a little pop coffee of goodness sitting there waiting for me, adding warmth and a reminder to smile as the hours tick by. Simply put, a good cup of coffee makes those ticking moments better. It’s more than the caffeine… it’s the whole experience.

Even just the smell. ::takes a deep breath in::

You’re imagining the goodness with me, aren’t you?

One brand of coffee that helps make that good cup happen is Green Mountain Coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has K-Cup packs for the Keurig brewing system. It is the best selling brand for the Keurig system and a they have an amazing variety of yummy flavors. I love variety! Oh and the ease of the Keurig. I didn’t think coffee could get better. Anything that makes life easier makes life easier. Coffee + Keurig = BEST.

In addition to a wonderful variety sure to tickle the taste buds of every coffee lover far and wide, Green Mountain Coffee is also a company that embraces socially responsible practices… from supporting local communities to protecting the environment, they are a company that works to not only bring us a great cup, but by working to bring that great cup to us they are also looking for ways to add goodness as a company to communities and our environment.

How about you? How do you start your day? What is the thing you add to it to make a good day better? It is coffee? Is it quiet time? Exercise? Reading? Writing? … DANCING?!

*Thank you to Green Mountain Coffee and Technorati for being sponsors of this article. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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