Good times at Universal Orlando Resort – Day 1

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Can I just be straightforward? I am not trying to be all “OOOOH look at me and my family in Orlando!”

But I guess I am?

Here’s the deal my friends. Us… ALL of FIVE us… going to ANYWHERE not connected to a visiting family trip is… a HUGE blessing. Not one moment did I forget the huge blessing. I took a TON of pictures because we are all going to want to remember this trip (meaning my family, maybe not so much my public… that is, if I HAD a public, but I digress…)

And if you feel the least bit jealous of this trip – go here because Universal is letting me give away 2 sets of 4 tickets (2 day, 2 park)… This makes me happy because our expereince there made me happy and I want you all to go be happy where I was happy and I just know you would be happy there. And take lots of pictures and then I’d expect you to post pictures about it and then I’d be all jealous because – I WANT TO GO BACK!!!

waiting for the tram at the Orlando airport

LE kids: waiting for the tram at the airport. It was their first red-eye.

Welcome to Universal Orlando Ingram family!

We settled into our room in at the Portofino Bay Hotel, one of 3 Universal Orlando resort hotels. We found some goodies waiting for us, took a long nap and got ready for “appetizers” (pretty much a FULL MEAL!) at one of the on-site restaurants, Trattoria del Porto. We were greeted by Woody & Winnie Woodpecker (say THAT 5 times fast!)… The child area kept the kids happy and delighted… as well as the make-your-own pizza activity!

Meanwhile, leave it to my husband to find the espresso – good boy!

After the welcome reception, the super-nice, and detail oriented people of Universal loaded ALL our families into shuttles and took us to our much anticipated secret surprise destination – a VIP visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Islands of Adventure…

Butterbeer and Harry Potter

We had butterbetter – cold AND frozen. All we could drink. Dear mercy. I think I saw heaven.

We were treated to a meet & greet with the Creative Director for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Thierry Coup. I’m serious.

You don’t believe me? I took a picture of him. He didn’t even sick security on me or ANYTHING!

Thierry CoupThat man? BRILLIANT. And also kinda cute!

Shhh, don’t tell the huz. But between you and me, I think the Huz was kinda sweet on Winnie Woodpecker. She WAS wearing a pretty cute skirt. So, we’re even.

I rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, as well as Flight of the Hippogriff…

I rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

People. You must.

Then we were whisked away to Three Broomsticks for a very Old World dinner with Shepherd’s Pie and…

food at Three BroomsticksAs we chowed down, and made our butterbeer ‘staches… we got to listen to Corporate Executive Chef Steven Jayson AND CREATOR OF BUTTERBEER PEOPLE. Who would you rather meet… Lady Gaga or the creator of Butterbeer.

I think you know MY answer. *wipes imaginary butter beer foam from upper lip*

I’m going to stop here. This was just the first day. There are 4 others. Food, swimming, food, ride riding, a LUAU. Like a dream, but not. Because it totally wasn’t a dream.

Lastly – tickets to win your own dream — HERE.

Our trip to Universal was part of a compensated Universal Orlando Resort press trip

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