“Good morning Starshine, the Earth says HELLO!”

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Quote from Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

That is one of my mostliest favorite quotes EVER.


Today’s title relates to this post for one word and one word only, “HELLO”.

I just made a new video for my new HELLO! page.


My hand-dandy husband/tech-support/in-house designer just made me new biz cards… This is the front:

JOtS Card front

(The corners are actually rounded.)

(That’s an important detail.)


(Another important detail – that picture of me was taken by Janice Croze. Yes, THE JANICE CROZE. Of 5 Minutes for Mom. She snapped it that one time in 2010 when we were in New York and met Nate Berkus…)

Wanna see a picture of me with Nate Berkus?


nate berkus & jenny (on the spot)

Stupid name tag. The name tag takes our picture from “loveliest couple ever” to “what’s with the dorky chick, Nate?”

And yes, he was very nice.

I mean… you know when you meet someone new and you end up asking all the questions because the other person is an empty shell of a human being and/or scared of you?

Not the case with ‘ol Nate. He was neither empty shell nor (appeared to be) scared of me. In fact, I was probably more the empty shell/scared because as much as I TRY to not be star-struck… I just am. Be you Nate Berkus, be you store manager. I impress easily.

I digress! My card!  Here is the back!

JOtS Card back


It’s a QR code!

I. Know!

Legit, yo!

Dudes, I totally just did that M.C. Hammer 2 Legit to Quit gang sign.

So. When I give folks a biz card, they can scan the code with their phone (like you don’t know this, but humor me) (I’m a storyteller) (I can’t stop myself) and then they go to my HELLO page… And on that page is a new video. And I am going to share it with you here.

Not because I reveal anything new or exciting about JOtS, but because.

Just because.

Does there always have to be a reason?


I warned you. JOtS overload.

I try to make it about somebody else next time.

Or not.

I’m a friggin’ wildcard.


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