GoGosqueeZ for the Perfect Finish!

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It was that time of year again – SCHOOL FUN RUN TIME!

3.1 miles of family feet pounding the pavement at varying speeds.

Some kids took off – almost with fire on their heels! While others kept stride with family or friends as they chatted, cheered, and breathed a bit heavier than on a normal Saturday morning.

GogosqueeZ finish line snack

This was year #2 for our school family fun run. It coincided with my daughter’s birthday both years, and bless her determined and healthy heart, participating in the run has been on her birthday wish-list each year.

It was also the second year in a row the folks at GogosqueeZ donated enough finish line snacks for our school fun run finishers! All our runners were set to refuel with a yummy fruit pouch from GogosqueeZ after reaching that hard-earned finish line! The treat was certainly appreciated by all, the kids, the parents, the PTSA volunteers… everybody!


This is not a sponsored post… but this is a THANK YOU post, for sure. Thanks to GogosqueeZ for the generous donation, so the monies made at the event can all go toward doing more good things for our children. Speaking of doing good things, those fruit pouches sure are yummy, and are certainly handy! An ideal snack choice not just for refueling after a run, but for on-the-go kids and families.

And boy, do we go… go… GO!!! What’s your favorite on-the-go snack?


Oh look! It’s the video from last years’ fun run!!!


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