Go Green With the eBay Green Team & a chance to win a $1000 eBay gift card!

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I know, I know… “going green” is so trendy.

But really, we should all be doing what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I do a pretty good job of recycling.

I even compost! Well, for 2 weeks now! In fact, the eBay folks even posted a composting FAQ that I have found to be very helpful!

Since when does eBay give composting advice? Well, since they’ve gone green!

But an area of The Three Rs that is a bit harder to integrate is REUSE. .

ebay greem team

Enter the eBay Green Team.

People don’t aften associate eBay with “green”, but they should. It is a re-user’s paradise… And for that matter a reDUCER’S paradise as well. On can reduce one’s stuff by selling on eBay and one can reuse another’s unwanted stuff by … buying on eBay.



In an effort to let the world know that eBay is launching and growing this earth-friendly option… they are giving away a $1000 eBay gift card (Oh what a girl could do with a $1000 eBay gift card!!!) You must follow the steps below to enter… I did it myself. It’s not hard… only took a few minutes!

  1. Visit green.ebay.com
  2. Sign with your eBay User ID and password
  3. Join the Green Team (link is at the bottom of the page)
  4. On the homepage, locate  the “Greener Alternative” and “Eco Shopping Lists” sections
  5. Next to these sub headers, you’ll see “add an item” or “create a list”
  6. To enter the contest, select the proper category and click on “add an item” or “create a list”
  7. By adding an item URL from the eBay marketplace and explaining why it’s a greener alternative or creating a list of eco items, you are entered to win!
*This post is sponsored by eBay as part of my role as an eBay Parent Panel partner. Thoughts, opinion, and desire to live more green are my own.

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