How to Make GOOD Gluten-Free Chocolate Pancakes

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So… this recipe is not from scratch, but it’s hacked from a box recipe…

Gluten-Free Chocolate Pancakes

These gluten-free chocolate pancakes are also egg-free. AND dairy-free with the note that the chocolate chips I used are the Ghirardelli Bittersweet chips (affiliate link) and the ingredient lists suggests there may be some milk. I am not so dairy-free that *may contain milk* is a concern to me, but I want to note it for those who must stay COMPLETELY away from any and all dairy. Another option is cocoa powder or the carob chips, but I have not tried either.

So here’s what I do… I use half a box (about 1.5 cups) of the King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Pancake mix (affiliate link). I start by adding 1 cup of rice milk (the pancake mix uses rice flour) and 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil (I love coconut oil!). Measure and melt 2.5 ounces of bittersweet chocolate and mix in. I find 1 cup rice milk is not enough, so I add more until the mix becomes the consistency I like… seems to be about another 1/4 to 1/2 cup.

Gluten-free Chocolate Pancake mix

I melt coconut oil on the pan and cook the pancakes … which makes about 12 pancakes.

I like to add cashew butter on my pancakes. It makes for a very filling meal – or snack! I can’t have peanuts or almonds, so cashew butter is my nut-butter of choice these days 😉 I use either Trader Joe’s cashew butter or Once Again cashew butter (affiliate link).

Gluten-free Chocolate Pancakes with cashew butter

And that’s it folks. Of course, if you are #Whole30, you know these don’t work because pancakes have the word “cake” in them. AND they are made with rice flour, which rice is a great, big no-no (see also: A GRAIN). However, they are gluten-free, made with organic rice flour, are dairy free (see note about dairy content in some dark chocolate), and egg-free. Through a recent food allergy test I learned I should avoid eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts, and almonds… to start. But it appears I am completely non-reactive to chocolate, and rice. And coffee. And most veggies *wink*.

I don’t want to go into the next wave of foods I am going to need to turn my back (or tummy) on.

Baby steps.


If you are looking for yummy ways to eliminate things like gluten and eggs from your diet… this little recipe is a bit of an emotional life-saver!

Gluten-free Chocolate Pancakes via @jennyonthespot

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