Giving up.

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In a sense.

The talk around the house lately has been Lent.

More specifically, what to give up for Lent.

We (the family) don’t always give something up… in fact, I don’t think my kids ever have.

My spousal unit and I have.


Wax and wane.

Wax on, wax off?


My middle daughter has been really thinking (and talking) about what to give up. She is intent.

She is such a goal-setter.

I am yet undecided (see: waxing and waning).

I gave up coffee one time.

::hands you a paper bag to breathe in::

Yeah. I am still trying to right the world back on it’s axis after that one.

I gave the kids a Lent suggestion tonight. I interrupted yet another trite argument between the three.

Good golly… THREE ARGUERS.

Kids. Kids! KIDSSSSS!!!!

I know what you can give up for Lent!



Without skipping a beat this is what I got:

Livi (9): Can I just give up cookies?

Lucy (6): Can I just give up SMILING oooooooor PINCHING?

Joel (12): Well, I know I can’t give up my sexiness.

For reals.

This is the tide I swim against every day.



No waning.


Full court press.

3 on 1.

Did I ever mention that I hate basketball?

Pinching. She is willing to give up pinching. Ooofda.

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