Giving up.

In a sense.

The talk around the house lately has been Lent.

More specifically, what to give up for Lent.

We (the family) don’t always give something up… in fact, I don’t think my kids ever have.

My spousal unit and I have.


Wax and wane.

Wax on, wax off?


My middle daughter has been really thinking (and talking) about what to give up. She is intent.

She is such a goal-setter.

I am yet undecided (see: waxing and waning).

I gave up coffee one time.

::hands you a paper bag to breathe in::

Yeah. I am still trying to right the world back on it’s axis after that one.

I gave the kids a Lent suggestion tonight. I interrupted yet another trite argument between the three.

Good golly… THREE ARGUERS.

Kids. Kids!ย KIDSSSSS!!!!

I know what you can give up for Lent!



Without skipping a beat this is what I got:

Livi (9): Can I just give up cookies?

Lucy (6): Can I just give up SMILING oooooooor PINCHING?

Joel (12): Well, I know I can’t give up my sexiness.

For reals.

This is the tide I swim against every day.



No waning.


Full court press.

3 on 1.

Did I ever mention that I hate basketball?

Pinching. She is willing to give up pinching. Ooofda.

The Pincher

The Pincher


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14 Responses to “Giving up.”

  1. Interesting. Especially since Hubs and I were talking about Lent just this evening. I think I’m taking a stand. I think that as a family, we’re going to give up TV. The kids don’t know this yet but crap we watch tooooooo much TV lately and I think we need this. Now, to get the kids to buy in. Ooof.

  2. Angie says:

    I should give up wine. I’m contemplating it. But maybe I’ll give up whine instead…

  3. jennielynn says:

    It seems like every time I turn around, I’m giving something up. No dairy, no beef, no wine…meh. I think I’ll skip the giving up this year.

    Of course, I could give up my dieting for Lent.

  4. Aha! Pinching…that’s a good one. We are Baptists all up in here so we don’t practice Lent. We do ‘fast’ things though, which is kinda the same principle. It’s all about giving something up or abstaining from something for a time to be drawn closer to the Lord. Is that what Lent is for?!? I think I may do a laundry fast or maybe a bathroom cleaning fast, what do you think?!?! =) I kid, I jest…I have done food fasts before but only for 24 hrs. It’s hard!

    • Without getting to detailed about the complexities of my religious history… (including Catholicism, a few variations of Pentecostal AND Baptist)… yes… like fasting… just like that ๐Ÿ™‚ But with one thing. For 40 days. 40. Days.

  5. Andrea says:

    Lent, schment! I am a reformed Catholic–I can say that!

    Basketball is the BOMG-DIGGETY…you have just not appreciated with the right friends…perhaps a little Final four partying with the Gleich’s will turn the tides of your b.ball hatin’ ways!

  6. Michelle W says:

    I am glad she is not giving up SMILING, though! LOL

  7. I just love you. THIS MUCH.

  8. Abigail Snyder says:

    Oh my gosh! What Joel said was TO DIE FOR! Just makes you want to ‘im, and the girls, too. Miss you guys!

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