Girl Power Hour – We Got the Powah!

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Last night… which was, in fact, THURSDAY… to be clear… I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the panel at Girl Power Hour.

*insert muscle flexing here*

The theme of the evening: Making Sense of New Media.

I shared the mic… Hold on. Here is a picture of me NOT sharing the mic… On the 28th floor of the Renaissance Hotel…

i love microphones

But I digress.

I shared the mic with some FABulous women:

I know. I know. The event is over and you are all, “Jenny, Jenny On the Spot… JOTS! The event is over! How is this going to help me NOW?!”

I just wanted to rub it in your face.

I actually only had about 10 minutes to share. And we all know that 10 minutes is never enough. Takethatasyouwill.

This post today is to add a bit of a “P.S..” to last night – so if any of the attendees decided to visit me here, I now have the opportunity to share – just a pinch more without any wine in my system.

  1. To reiterate, take a risk. Just try it.
  2. Use the camera on your computer… use a Flip… You don’t need a film crew to get started.
  3. But film crews are really cool.
  4. But boom mics are creepy.
  5. has a great slide show feature. Might be a fun way to get your feet wet – just using pictures…
  6. Creating video does take time. It just does. But it is time well-spent.
  7. Be creative. Play. Have fun…

And finally… A VIDEO. Because, CLEARLY if I had no video to point you to, then shame on me 😉 It is loaded with tips on getting started in the world-o-vlogging.

And here’s a VLOG that I made on the topic of giving your videos a little bit of sparkle

Now why are you still here? Go make a video!


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