Get your hair “hair salon” clean at home with Fekkai

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I agreed to do this review of the Fekkai product without any experience with the product.

Fekkai Glossing Starter Kit
Why would I be willing to risk my hair? Wellllll… I have not found THE product for my hair when it comes to shampoo, so I agreed hoping I might find my hair’s promised land.

What’s the verdict???

I pretty much said it all in the video, but since I am not a woman of few words… I found that the Fekkai glossing system works really well. I am actually quite curious about their other products as well… the Reparative and Rejuvenating lines in particular.

For this review I chose the glossing products because I am looking to give my hair a bit more shine. I occasionally spring for the fancy glossing treatment at the salon I go to, and I LOVE what it does for my hair. I am excited to have found the Fekkai glossing products because I get to bring that experience home.

Seriously, after using the shampoo, conditioner, and cream… my hair not only feels SUPER soft and SUPER healthy, but it LOOKS healthy.

Conditioner often leaves me discontent. My hair is hard to condition. Conditioners often either leave my hair tough to comb through or leaves it feeling heavy or greasy. This conditioner hit the sweet spot with my hair.

And all the product smells purty, but not toooo purty. It leaves a nice, light scent, and it’s not perfume-y.

The price point on this product is more that the average shampoo at your local retail store (I found my kit at Target)… and a bit less than the average you will find on the shelves at your high-end salon. I have hit all ranges of hair care products, and I am pretty thrilled to have stumbled upon Fekkai. Of course I stumbled upon it because BlogHer asked if I could do this review… so should I be thanking BlogHer or Fekkai? I am a changed woman My home hair care system has been changed… for the better.

Be sure to check out Fekkai online and explore the wide range of options. I am willing to bet you too will find products that will meet your specific hair care need.


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