Get Your Daily Shot: In Which I Go Daily Video… ONLY on Facebook!

by | May 2, 2013 | Video | 6 comments

Call me crazy.

It’s not like you haven’t before.

I was taking a shower one day. Like, a day ago.

I was thinking.

Weird, right?

Actually, I think a lot. However, and luckily for all the people not inside my head, much of that noise just stays in there.

It’s like a pinball machine of ideas, opinions, and observations. If you really think about the inside of a pinball machine… despite the fun colors and flashy lights… no one really wants to go IN a pinball machine.


I was thinking one morning about video. And about my Jenny On the Spot Facebook page. And this space. And coffee. And I remembered I used to do a little Facebook morning show (OK, may FOUR times)… And in that thinking I thought, “I should do that again.”

I have often thought about creating a daily video. But the effort of editing and getting video to YouTube daily is ominous if not downright impossible for this one-man-band. Let’s face it folks… I don’t have a staff. Or a virtual assistance. So as I stood in the shower, contemplating if I should shave the both legs or just one I was all, “Jenny. Just do something simple.”

Folks… this is as simple as it gets:


I did a second one too.

I learned that when you shoot video and don’t review it, you might not catch little details like… say… the fact that the tank-top you wore paired with the style and length of your hair may come together to make it appear you are filming naked.


Yep. I never said I was perfect… just awsomekward.

If you would like to observe this new series… or if you don’t want to but ::insert train wreck analogy here::… take a moment to “like” my facebook page. This is Facebook exclusive content.


Take that as you will.

I may share an occasional Daily Shot video here, but for the most part this new venture called DAILY SHOT with JENNY is only available there. 2-3 minutes of week-daily unpredicatble madness. You don’t have to *like* the page to see any of these videos. However, by liking the page I will not only feel liked, but more importantly – when a new video goes up, chances are Facebook’s unpredictable algorithm may let you know when I’ve posted a new DAILY SHOT.

What kind-of content can you expect?

I have absolutely no idea.

And I think that’s part of the fun.



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