Get Holiday Happy with Method! (and 6 ways to spread holiday cheer!) #methodholidayhappy

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Let’s just lay it out there.


“Method is a cute thing?”, you ask?

YES. I’d say method even wins over baby unicorns….


Method’s holiday line is out!!! It is not lacking the the usual method charm and (as always) filled with naturally derived, biodegradable formulas.

Deck the halls! Deck your sink! Clean happy for the holidays!


If you are on Pinterest, method is giving away bundles of method holiday goodies in their first ever Pinterest contest! Simply create a Pinterest board titled “method holiday happy”. Pin your holiday wish list along with your favorite method products, and tag each of your pins with #methodholidayhappy. They will choose their 5 favorite boards… those folks will win bundles of method holiday goodies. (Winners will be selected on Dec. 17).

Visit this link for rules and pinspiration:

Here are 6 ways to spread holiday cheer/happy:

  • Be all,  “HO HO HO!” real loud-like when filing up your gas tank. People will smile. Or something.
  • Carry green and red pom poms everywhere you go. That’s cheery!
  • Buy coffee for a stranger. OH HAPPY, YES!
  • Put a wreath on your car. Or reindeer antlers. But fake ones. Don’t hurt reindeers please. (Did you know method never tests on animals?)
  • Deliver baked goods to: anybody. EVERYBODY LOVES BAKED GOODS!
  • Give a bottle of method hand soap (or a few!) to the hostess of that next holiday party, or the school bus driver, or a teacher… Sugared Mint will not disappoint.

You can collect them all at Targets across the US, as well as online at and (for Canadian friends). I may or may not have seen some #methodholidayhappy at Fred Meyer the other day…

#methodholidayhappy via @jennyonthespot
*This post is made possible by Method. Seriously. I am proud to have this post sponsored by Method… the Clean Happy people. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too. All opinion and suggestions for spreading cheer are my own.

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