G+ Hangout with My Honey and Mom It Forward: Marriage Roles

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Marriage roles.

Did that make you flinch a little?

Marriage Roles

When the words “marriage” and “roles” come together, I think a lot of assumptions get made.

In this G+ Hangout on Air, my husband and I join Amber and Brent Passey, and moderator for Mom It Forward Jyl Pattee… to discuss marriage and roles.

This is Paul and I taking a selfie right before the Mom It Forward/Family Forward Google+ HOA:


My husband and I talk about marriage roles with Mom It ForwardThough there are not perfectly clear lines in the roles my husband and I assume in our home… there is a pretty clear understanding. Neither of us feel the other is solely responsible for any one thing. And neither of us are perfect.

The most obvious role is one we both play as support for each other. We support and encourage. Yes there are struggles and imperfections and even great frustration with one another at times, but that’s par for the course when living with another person. It’s give and take. And give. And to restate something that is stated all the time… communication is key. Especially when frustration starts moving in.

If you have the time, I invite you to check out this chat on marriage roles. I think many of the topics we hit here are applicable across all relationships.

For me, the most surprising thing about this discussion was rediscovering some of the treasure I have in my husband. Talking about and revisiting our roles was so enlightening and was a great reminder of the gift my husband and I have in each other.

What are your thoughts? What are the “roles” like in your home? What would you add to this discussion?

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