Fun with Food: Bunny Bottom Pancakes

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I am a HUGE fan of fun, aaaand a pretty big fan of easy, too.

Fun with Food: Bunny Bottom Pancakes

But food… am I a fan of food? 


But if you are not as much of a food fan, but love a cute spring craft, check out my Spring Daisy Pots DIY tutorial here!

It is possible you have seen this little food craft floating around on the internet. And to be clear, bunny bottom pancakes are not made from actual bunny bottoms ?

Bunny Bottom Pancakes #funwithfood #pancakes #Easter #breakfast


I feel a personal responsibility to share with you when I find something

  1. adorable
  2. food
  3. and easy 

OK, sure. You may not serve this at your fancy Easter brunch, but then again… WHY NOT?

You could turn this into a fun activity… perhaps an Easter Craft and Eat station?

Bunny Bottom Pancakes!

I came across quite a few iterations of this idea, however this was my favorite.

  1. Because it’s a bunny butt
  2. Because IT IS SO EASY.

The problem with recipes and/or crafting is they can get out of control rather quickly. Some crafts and recipes nearly requires a person to have to take out a second mortgage on one’s home to simply acquire all the supplies needed to complete the project.


If I am going to take a second mortgage out on my house, it will be to build a brand new kitchen. 

Can I go on a tangent for a hot second?

Awesome. Thanks.


Like, bunnies that have fur and feet. Bunnies eat your newly planted parsley, lettuce, and ranunculus.

Bunny ravaged ranunculus

Bunnies make it so you feel you have to research the best place to purchase cougar pee because your friend told you that cougar pee is a great way to keep bunnies out of your garden.


And also the bunny bottoms poop in your grass an ruin that too.

Bunny bottom pancakes are much less destructive than actual bunny bottoms.

But this bunny bottom pancake is much less sinister than the bottom of an actual bunny. It won’t eat your lettuces and ranunculus. This bottom also does not fart.

Bunny Bottom Pancake #easter #finwithfood #playwithfood #pancakes #breakfast

Bunny Bottom Pancakes

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

In a snap - create a festive little Spring or Easter-themed breakfast fun!


  • 1 large pancake
  • 2 small pancakes
  • 2 slices of fresh banana or dried banana slices
  • 6 chocolate chips
  • 1 squirt of whipped cream


  1. Place your big pancake on a plate.
  2. Place smaller pancakes and bottom edge of big pancake.
  3. Add one banana slice and three chocolate ships.
  4. Finish off with that squirt of whipped cream in the center of the big pancake

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Do you want to know what the WORST part of the bunny is?


*raises fist in righteous rage*

In retrospect, I should have given this bunny devil horns.

Bunnies may be cute, but I am pretty sure they are the most sinister of all in the animal kingdom.

Thank you. It felt good to get that out. Now go enjoy this little bunny food craft. It brings much more joy than actual bunnies.

Peace & Sparkles!


Bunny Bottom Pancake #easter #finwithfood #playwithfood #pancakes #breakfast

P.S. You can also view the Bunny Bottom Pancakes video over on YouTube here!

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