Fresh from the Interwebz: Hot Dog Legs and Sad Trombones for Ruiners

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Have you seen that one site, Hot Dog Legs? It’s a Tumblr account that hosts images of legs that look like hot dogs,


Judge for yourself.

I saw a link to the site last week, and a few hours later a friend sent me the link in a private message.

It was as if hot dog legs were calling out to me…

And I got lost.

Funny how a simple mind can lose the better part of an hour on legs that look like hot dogs.

Or hot dogs that look like legs.

It’s fascinating really.

So fascinating, in fact, as few days later as I was stealing a few final moments in the sun before school and fall take over, I decided to see if I could make MY OWN legs look like hot dogs.

Because I am as deep as a puddle and it would appear I have nothing better to do with my time than try to get a picture of my legs looking like hot dogs.

Not quite. Darn thighs.

Speaking of thighs…

Actually this next thing has nothing to do with thighs.

I want to talk a little bit about Ruiners.

You know… the people on Facebook that take a perfectly good, benign post of a friend and turn it into…

The Ruiner…. a.k.a. Debbie Downer.

We’re all *friends* with one. The other day I saw a thread with one such person. It was on the heels of another recent thread this person dropped a soaking, wet blanket on. After reading this guys’ reply, I made that sad trombone sound…


Out loud.

Remember when there were some rumblings on Facebook about folks wanting a dislike button? I say forget the dislike button…


I propose, that under individual comments there should be a like button aaaaaand a sad trombone button… Anytime a Ruiner comment ruins the conversation, we, the people, can click the Sad Trombone and it will, “WHOMP WHOmp whomp”  on the commenters end.


That technology might be ahead of our time, but I think it’s worth a look into developing… Because when The Ruiner comes by and comments dryly that a very sweet snuggle picture of one’s husband and one’s daughter is posed… one may find one’s own IRL trombone and do a bit of one’s own ruining.

You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

How do you handle The Ruiner type on Facebook or in real life? I guess I passive aggress by writing the random blog post. I also blurt, “WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP” when I see a serial ruiner’s profile pictures/comment. In real life?… I blink real fast and say nothing… DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS…

The end.

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