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It has been a tragic and difficult week. Nationally, and close to home.

I go round and round in my head about how or if to add my two cents to the billions of cents being spoken.

We are all heartbroken.

I don’t feel that my role here is to bring news. Nor expand on it. Occasionally I am moved to write about specific events. Other times (now) I feel it is my opportunity to provide another place to look when eyes are weary with news. So… this post is just me sharing some things with you that moved me, touched me, changed me a little, or just things that make life lighter.

Or just some things to peek at when the noise in your head just gets too loud…

This post on perspective was a long read, but SO worth it. AMAZING. It’s written by Linds Redding, a man who worked in the advertising and design industry many, many years. Though this post taps into that culture, the message is so applicable to each of us as we live life by by the light and speed of social media. The long lost Overnight Test… something to think about. Something really good to think about. It’s a great message for our teens and preteens taking on the immediacy of social media as well.

Mommy and me journaling. I stumbled upon this and pinned it immediately. I have been really digging into journaling and have seen my girls’ interest pique in the art of journaling as well. A shared journal with one’s children is inspiring and such a lovely, lovely idea. I can’t stop thinking about doing it with my kids.


• Speaking of kids, moms… I stumbled across a post about Moms on their smart phones. There is so much criticism for every and all approached to parenting/mothering. I appreciated this mom’s perspective. I identify with the judgement. I identify with the usefulness. As in all aspects of parenting, I have mastered none of it. I could do more and less of everything… phone included…

• Lisa Leonard. She has a thriving jewelry company, and a beautiful heart. I subscribe to her emails… Some of the emails are news about her shop, but they also come with sweet little nuggets of goodness. Little downloads and other occasional treasures. It’s just a little ray of sunshine that pops into my email each day. I love sharing little pops of sunshine… If I were you I’d subscribe to her newsletter too.

• Speaking of sunshine… how about Miss Thang right here:

• I have been a bit bored with music. ::GASP:: I recently downloaded the How Stuff Works app and I’ve been learning lots of stuff… like how rust is born and stuff. And stuff about the Grand Canyon. The history of toxic shock syndrome. I had no idea THAT topic would be so fascinating!!! Also? My kids really like it too. It’s been a great add to our car time! Which… there is lots of it these days!

• It is entirely possible you have already seen the Dove Beauty Campaign video:

I wouldn’t say the message here is flawless. I twinged a little because I felt more emphasis was put on the idea of being thin than I think should have been… and a few other *little*, picky things. However… the message is clear. We are our harshest critic. Regardless of our size, or features… women really do struggle with either seeing themselves for how they really look, or don’t claim their beauty even if they see it. When my husband saw this, he immediately called my attention to it… because he is always telling me greater things about me than I am willing to see… or admit.

• Speaking of real beauty… I think this is what I’d look like if I ever had to get a mug shot. Oddly/unfortunately, this is also how I look in the morning.

my own real beauty

Hope you find something here that clicks… Or if you came across something wonderful, please share it in the comments!!!



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