For Your Browsing Pleasure: Science, Puppies, and the House that Etsy Built

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The weekend is upon us! Yeeehaw!!!

It’s going to be a pretty busy one around here. It is the weekend the Vikings come to our fair Fauxwegian town!

Literally, a bunch of Vikings come and set up their encampment in one of the local waterfront parks.

Big men. Horned hats. Vests of fur. Boots of fur. Open fires. Metal pounding. THE WORKS.

The carnival also rolls into town. Our family usually splurges and buys carnival corn dogs and elephant ears and cotton candy and ride dangerous rides.


There is also a parade aaaaaand a lutefisk eating contest.

Yes, lutefisk. I consulted Wikipedia for an official description because coming up with my own words only caused me to gag:

Lutefisk (Norwegian)… is a traditional dish of the Nordic countries. It is made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and lye (lut). It is gelatinous in texture, and has an extremely strong, pungent odor. Its name literally means “lye fish.”

The lutefisk eating contest is awesomest when one of the contestants throws up. I don’t think anyone threw-up last year, but I think a pretty slender chick finished at #1 or #2. She probably ate her weight in lutefisk and kept it all down. But I did not accompany her home, so I can’t say with absolute certainty.

Aaaaanywho… fish soaked in lye aside… It’s going to be a busy weekend! Rather than tickling the computer keys here, I’ll be whooping it up with the other townsfolk. Probably walking with my girls and their group IN the parade. Making sure kids don’t run in front of the float and such. That’s always fun times.

Just in case you get to have more of a relaxed weekend and find yourself searching the web for LOL cats, I want to share some things I have stumbled upon over the last few weeks that are worth passing on!

On decor and artisanship: So. Lookie Boo has done one of the stinking COOLEST things ever! She moved recently and proceeded to deck the walls and halls of her new homestead with all things Etsy. Her adventure resulted in bringing 95 Etsy-found artisans and their products in one home – bada boom bada bing – an e-book!!! She created an e-book that shows the brilliance, uniqueness, loveliness, and total radness of a House that Etsy Built. You totally need to scope it out…

The-House-That-Etsy-Built by @lookieboo

 The House that Etsy Built by Lookie Boo

On men and childbirth: This has made the internet rounds by now, BUT JUST IN CASE: two men experience labor pain simulation.

On science: Wet towels in space.

Something to touch your heart, and inspire kindness and compassion: On Sweet Potatoes and Ministry {have tissue handy…}.

On Bacon (because, hellooooo BACON): Bacon

On teens and social media: Teens aren’t abandoning “social.” They’re just using the word correctly.

And finally… puppies on stairs. Why? Isn’t it obvious???? PUPPIES. ON STAIRS!

I think that’ll do. Can’t really top puppies on stairs, now can ya?

Happy weekend!



And whathaveyou…


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