For Which I am Thankful…

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Life | 16 comments

This is not a Thanksgiving post.

But it totes could be.

But it’s not.

As I work on my mind and fight back the negativity… I find the things I am thankful for on a good day, I am even MORE thankful for at times like these.

  • My husband
  • My kids
  • Sharpies
  • (not for use on husband or kids… that combo evokes a less thankful heart… I digress…)
  • My newly designed site that is coming soon!
  • Seat heaters
  • Pinterest
  • My 3 warm fuzzy robes.
  • Yes. 3.
  • I need every single one of them.
  • My iPhone (or as my friend Kiersie says, iPrecious)
  • My Bialtetti that helps me make one kick-AStronaut eggnog latte
  • I am thankful for the envelope I have tucked away with some cash in it to help pay (even if only part of) what I expect will be a very big propane bill in a month or two.
  • Friends who bring me cards and a bar of chocolate even though my email earlier that morning came from the mind of a sleep-deprived lunatic
  • (You guys – the general bloggers-by – really don’t get to see that girl much, if at all… #notfunJenny)
  • I am thankful for socks. SO thankful for socks
  • And scarves
  • (Do you see a theme? I am seeing a theme… I really am thankful for things that keep me warm.
  • Which includes thyroid medication. I am very thankful for my thyroid meds.
  • Oh, and warm winter hats that are cute…
Lucy and Mam in our hatsI know I already said I am thankful for my kids, but seriously. Regardless of the ups and downs… I am constantly in awe over my children. Truly a delight of my heart.


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