For the love of hair: My favorite hair sites!

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I have a lot of hair and I have 2 little girls who:

  1. Also have a lot of hair…
  2. Love it when I do their hair…
  3. Love it when I do fun stuff with my own!

P.S. I do not know how to French braid and am surprised my Mother-Of-Daughters Card has not been revoked. However, it looks like one of my favorite sites just posted a tutorial – How To French Braid For Beginners. Looks like I’ll be learning how to french braid and wil be able to keep that card after all!

I have several favorite hair sites… the one with the french braid tutorial Princess Hairstyles, Love Maegan, and She Lets Her Hair Down. Oh, and Babes in Hairland… never can get enough hair tutorials for girls!

Oh, and I CANNOT forget Pinterest. True, true… Pinterest is a hair tutorial site, but good golly miss molly it is a treasure trove of hair-do idea-finding! That is where I found She Let’s Her Hair Down.


I have never created my own tutorial, but it’s on my to-do list. I mean, I have the will… I have the hair…

hair tutorial hair

And my daughter… All that hair was MADE for a blogging mom to tutorial. Ya know?

criss cross-like tutorial

My best tip for finding the best tip??? BROWSE. Grab a drink and a yummy snack, snuggle up with your laptop and browse your heart out! When I happen upon a tutorial I love, I spend time looking through the site… I OOOOH. I AAAAAH. And I Pin. Site’s like Princess Hairstyles provide great video tutorials and She Lets Her Hair Down features beautiful photography along with hair news and interest items.

For MORE on hair and hair ideas, head on over to! And don’t miss out – enter the current Life Well Lived Sweepstakes & and enter to win a Kindle Fire!


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