Foodie Friday: The Shirley Temple

by | Aug 20, 2010 | Food & Drink, Video | 12 comments

shirley temple fixinsLet me be clear. I am not a “foodie”. But I eat and appreciate The Food. When I went to this event, I got inspired. I can cook! I have some recipes! And then I got to thinking (ruh-roh), what if I vlogged my veture into “foodie” territory?

If only the mess would clean itself…

Of course, the past couple weeks have been insane, hitherhencetofore — the start of this potential “series” has been delayed. So in an effort to make this happen, I decided to start simple: The beloved Shirley Temple. Besides, it’s still summer, and I think you need to make one or two before the leaves start falling from the trees… before you gear up for pumpkin pie… Think about serving-up a Shirley Temple or two. Relive a childhood memory, or help your kids make a few of their own. Simple. Sweet. Classic. Love.


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